There is hardly another country with such many cultures, languages and religions. Here collide worldviews and the contrasts are extremely clear.

In recent years, I was often there. The encounter with the people imprinted there, changed, can own norms and values to rethink. Many meetings have deeply touched me and made thoughtfully. Think about what is really important and necessary in life. Furthermore, what we can perhaps do without.Furthermore, how can withstand opposites.

An experience backed by all visits: esteem. Receiving and given. Esteem as a basis for cooperation

Some of these encounters, I would like to take this opportunity, as they move me still and always wanted to do thoughtfully again.


A "Housemaid" - a single mother of 2 daughters. I met you in the years repeatedly and admired her as to how she was doing every day they're always same activity with a smile. House cleaning and cooking for others. Questioned There upon she told me once, "If I do not work here again, these activities will do someone else. But what will remain is this smile, this pleasure." This woman has never learned to read and write, she lives in modest circumstances and in compliance with this work "above water".Your statement (only part of a longer conversation) I was very impressed.



"Umang" (home) - a means for young people with a mental disability near Karjat (100 km from Mumbai). I was impressed by the dedication and the esteem of the people there and the resulting opportunities for its residents. The facility is funded by the Dutch organization “Stiching Welzijn Kinderen Van Bal Anand

A "special education support center" ... one of the few schools for children with intellectual disabilities in Kerala, in southern India ... sponsored by TATA, one of India's largest industrial companies. There were no major differences among the similar schools with us.


Vicky - a boy who met me at the Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad. He was a big fan of Mahatma Gandhi (Gandhiji), showed me the entire Ashram, Gandhi's birthplace and then sat for over an hour with me at an international and interfaith prayer (by which he understood linguistically 10% and which arose only in parts of its religion ). We had no common language other than mutual respect and interest. Because he spoke neither English or Hindi, but only Gujarathi.


Kolkata . The slums , squatter settlements and Pavement . Met through a MISEREOR lenten action in 2012 and 2013, 2015 and 2016 I was there for some time . What is done there by the Muslim organization "Tiljala Shed" is impressive . Here children future given . Attending a state school will remain closed to them , for example , the organization therefore organizes its own school.

Homework in the afternoon. In a safe and supervised environment I experienced the children as highly inquisitive.


But fun and joy was not neglected. A great together and learn from each other, which will resonate in me for a long time.


Sagar ... A boy from one of my sponsorship projects. With him on the way he photographed among other many Christian symbols. He himself is a Hindu, had no previous encounters with other religions, had never been further than 30 km from his village. When asked about the "why" he replied: "If these symbols have a meaning for you, they are also important to me!"