Cause and effect?

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Problem behavior, "challenging behavior" ... What causes it? Where does it come from?

"They're so!", "That's part of his disability", "The will just have to properly educated times", "You got to know no limits", "He probably did not get his medication" - phrases that you in connection with occurring problem behaviors often hear. Although in each set sometimes puts a grain of truth, these statements lead but quickly cancellations and recriminations, are an expression of helplessness and resignation and a narrow vision.

Rather, it is so that the causes of a so-called problem behaviors, "challenging" behavior, varied and we are our opposite guilty to approach this, to fathom it. The influence of behavior presupposes a detailed analysis and a statement to that theory. Most multiple causes come together, which condition or are mutually reinforcing.

Especially in people with multiple problem areas, restrictions in different areas personality, an exact look is particularly important to draw the wrong conclusions and therefore not premature to initiate the wrong consequences. Usually it is necessary that experts from different disciplines make together with the members a comprehensive picture, to arrive at a suitable formation theory. In particular, the presence of cognitive impairment - ie a mental disability - if the linguistic expression are limited or missing, an autism spectrum disorder, this is particularly important in my opinion.

Is often treated with medication or premature resignation or refrain meaningful drug therapy too soon. It initiated consequences for which lacks the ability to understand or not shown necessary limits ...

What are the causes for a problem behavior can be found frequently or should be excluded? The following list does of course not exhaustive, but it is the causes which personally I encountered again and again in my professional practice. The actual variety is a lot bigger and the following causes are intended as a small insight into this and to encourage closer look and think.