Exchange and cooperation

Carla Butorac, President at Behavior Communicates, Indianapolis, United States

She sits down intensively with the topic "autism spectrum disorder" apart. Outstanding I find regular tips and videos on its website  - easy to implement ideas which make everyday life easier.

Samah  Al-Shaghdari, Chair of Women Voice Foundation for Development, Yemen

A highly committed woman who - in addition to many activities - for the integration of people with disabilities in their country - Yemen - begins.

Diakonia Fagaras

A device for people with disabilities in Romania. With much dedication and the support of the German association “copilul eV “ a safe home, a home created with disabilities - have there for many people - particularly orphans. Again, I found the appreciative encounters for me always very valuable.

Prof. iR Dr. Karl-Ernst Ackermann,   Humboldt University Berlin, Faculty of Arts IV, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences (Senior Professor and Prof. i. Retirement)

Through the healing education nursing distance education there was in the past repeatedly encounters and exchanges. Interesting was the participation in one of the courses on "Psychosocial Development of people with intellectual disabilities and pedagogical relationship formation". Together concepts of their theoretical and the practical side was illuminated.

Even today my exchanges with Prof. Ackermann is very important and an asset in the reflection of my own work. Topics are especially "educational relationship as a design concept and competence", dealing with "challenging behavior" and the broad spectrum of inclusion.

Psychologist Melanie Matzies-Köhler

Has for many years in the company of people with autism spectrum disorders active and author of several books on the subject. As part of training, technical discussions and individual interviews, I find her always valuable tips and suggestions.