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Based on the above assumptions and on the basis of the listed educational theories and backgrounds, it is important to me in the support and assistance of the entrusted to me in my work minors, me to know them on a common path.

First, it is important the child to accept the way it is. With its possibilities and limitations, with its difficulties and problems. The satisfaction of emotional needs must be checked and the behavior shown must be analysed. It is important to note that this is not just about the child or young person, but that this analysis also its surroundings, the system in which it is to hear. All this - including my own person - influence the behavior, are part of it.

If it seems necessary, I avail myself of Teacher. Often the personal life story is characterized by fractures and conflictual relations, which influence the further development. The editor of his own biography makes it clear who I am and where I come from. Often explained by the biography behavior today, current conflicts. At the same time successfully coped with difficulties are detected. Coping strategies are clarified and addressed as a resource.

As part of a partnership dialogue I try with the child or young person to develop a personal goal. We often think we know what the child or adolescent needs, what should be the next step in the accompaniment, assistance or encouragement. My experience is that the self-generated (using) goals have the best chance to be consistently pursued.

In the accompaniment of the child or young person on his way, it is important for me to pick it "where it is" in its possibilities, abilities and taking into account its limits. Which reminds me help the mentioned "pro-development of relationships", acceptance and appreciation of my counterpart and unconditional obligation in the relationship. Where it lacks internal maintenance by absent or inadequate conditions, I try to give support. On this basis, ways can identified, answers are found together.