Practice Areas

After many years working in inpatient integration assistance, so the company of people with disabilities in an institution, I am since July 2013 active in the casework. In addition, I offer advice and training. My work focuses on can be found here.


Work focuses on:

As individual cases helper my focus is in the company of children and adolescents with developmental disorders and / or

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • AD (H) D
  • "Challenging behavior"
  • Problems in the ego development¬† and relationship development
  • Problems in the socio-emotional development

Moreover, I was as integration educators working in a nursery school and there supported children with special needs.

In the counseling of parents in conflicts, inter alia, with their children, my main focus is an appreciative communication and the joint search for solutions. This is based on the Gordon Family Training. This involves, among other things, to secure sound and clear communication and methods of problem solving without losers.

About the carrier "fundament" I offer an "autism specific parental coaching", in which it comes to the consideration of the special needs of children and young people from the autism spectrum.

As part of training, I dedicate myself in particular the issues of "behavioral problems in children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities" and the closely related problem of peculiarities in the emotional development.

Do you have questions or you need help or support? Feel free to contact me.