Pillars of my work

Especially when working with children and young people with "special needs", it is important to be able to rely on good and convincing concepts. Which are important to me for my meetings and the accompaniment of children and adolescents who are still burdened besides lagging behind additional issues can be found here.

It's good to have a large choice of suitable methods in support of people with special needs. As part of the training and an appropriate professional experience gradually accumulated an appropriate "instruments" to.

However, in my experience it is primarily not so much on the "means of education". Paul Moor  said: "More important than the means that one applies, is the way how to use it".

In this as I go by certain basic assumptions made. I have during my career dealt with different theories and explanatory models. So my current educational approach originated among other things from different  Influences .

In addition, I have made myself over the years with special support trusts. For example

* TEACCH - an educational approach in the care of people with an autism spectrum disorder

* "Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)" - a form of augmentative communication

* concept of "development-friendly relationship design" by B. SENCKEL

* theory of the "inner strength" (according to P. MOOR)

* partnership-dialogical conveying destination development and Person Centred Planning

* educational biographical work